Food & Beverage

We bring decades of proven experience delivering on complex and fast paced F&B projects. 


We have a rich history of delivering on industrial electrical contracting and industrial automation projects across the Food and Beverage industry including poultry, baking, dairy and more; each sector with its own intricacies. We have  successfully delivered on both green field, brownfield, and smaller scale projects. 

Areas we serve include:

  • Industrial Baking: OEM batching systems, conveying, mixing, dosing, sugar grinding, wet and dry rooms, spiral proofing, ovens, and more
  • Poultry: CIP, de-boning, kill through to further processing, spiral freezers, chillers, packaging, and more
  • Flour and Feed Milling: grain elevators, sifters, OEM equipment installations, wheat transfer and receiving, and more
  • Dairy: CIP, cooling tunnels, filling lines, truck unloading, pasteurization, and more
  • Brewing: CIP, bottling & canning, conveyors, primary plants, micro brewing, pilot plants, and more

Experience and Capabilities

  • Green or Brown Field  Plant Installations
  • Turn-Key Electrical Contracting, Instrumentation, and Automation Projects
  • Classified Area Expertise including Class 2, Div 1 explosion proof areas
  • Shift Support and Maintenance Coverage
  • Process Control & Automation including SCADA
  • CSA Field Inspections (bring equipment into local compliance)
  • Highly technical 24/7 service and repair for emergency issues
  • CSA & UL Control Panel Shop for Hygienic Panels
  • OEM programming and field wiring support

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Experience: We have successfully executed on projects across Industrial Baking, Poultry, Flour Milling, Brewing, and more sectors.
  • Large Projects:  Our teams of Project Mangers, Foreman, and Journeyman Electricians bring decades of proven experience delivering on complex and fast paced F&B projects.
  • Installation Methods: We have expertise in hygienic standards for control panels, classified area work such as Class 2 Div 1, washdown area work involving SS or PVC Coated Rigid, complex I&C, and more.
  • After Hours Work: In most scenarios, work must be done on weekends when production is shut down. We  often working during off-hours to accommodate customers’ production schedules.
  • Rapid Response Done Right: when production stops unexpectedly, we respond with urgency and expertise. Our Automation Technicians and Journeyman Electricians are on-call 24/7 with industry leading response times.
  • Food Safety – GMP Trained Personnel:  All our personnel receive HACCP food safety standard training, ensuring a safe working environment, complete compliance, and peace of mind for our customers.

Health and Safety

Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of every employee and to preforming all operations in a safe and effective manner. The safety of every employee is an integral component of our business practice and we recognize that accident prevention and quality of working life is an essential part of our business operations. Management, supervisors and all employees are responsible for contributing to the up-keep and constant betterment of our health and safety program and standards. We believe that by working together, maintaining open lines of communication, and giving the most careful attention to health and safety, we will meet our shared objective of a healthy and safe working environment.

We are accredited and working with multiple contractor safety compliance companies including ISN, Contractor Check, Avetta, Cognibox, Browz, and more.