CSA Approval of Equipment

Don’t let your project be delayed because of unapproved equipment. We offer complete services to bring both new and old equipment into local compliance.

CSA Approval of Equipment

As an Industrial Electrical Contractor, we frequently come into situations where newly purchased equipment doesn’t have the necessary CSA approval markings. This includes everything from mixing or packaging equipment in a F&B setting to a laminator in a plastics plant.

In Ontario, electrical contractors and manufacturers are by law, responsible for ensuring the equipment is CSA approved before it can be put into production. Often, things like a ULc label inside a panel gives the impression that the system or entire piece of equipment is approved but this will not be accepted by the Electrical Safety Authority as it only indicates the electrical control panel is approved, not the entire piece of equipment.

Therefore, any piece of equipment must have an acceptable field evaluation sticker present including the ESA E-Safe sticker or Intertek’s special inspection sticker.

Unapproved Label

When equipment is not approved a field inspection or field evaluation, which is different than a normal electrical inspection, must be done.  The inspector will be looking for concerns such as the cable and wire size can handle the current of the equipment, phases can not be anything other than black, red and blue, the neutral must be white, and motors, heaters, VFD’s and more must be individually protected (i.e. group protection is not allowed). Furthermore, all components such as the main switch, fuse holders, contactors, overloads and more must all be CSA approved components. 

When this happens, we have a tried and tested method for helping customers approve their equipment quickly and economically.

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