Read how Sheridan Electric helped a Global Logistics company deliver a complex conveyor system in a tight timeframe.

Delivering Under Pressure

Collaborative Teamwork Results in Successful Project Delivery Despite Compressed Deadline.

A Global Logistics Company recently partnered with Sheridan Electric to deliver a complex electrical installation of the Mixed Parcel Sorting System for a major E-Commerce customer.

Due to supply chain delays beyond anyone’s control, a complex installation had to be done in an extremely condensed time frame with only 1 days notice in order to meet a customers critical Go-Live date. Our team was able to work together to turn over the project on time to the customer despite the challenges and materials shortages.

Upon getting the news that the timeframe was being compressed and more resources would be required, we immediately dispatched new team members. Overnight our crew size grew from 5 to 25 and everyone worked long hours and a long weekend in order to ensure success for the client.

While the project schedule was aggressive our team and its leadership provided superior service by keeping the customer informed of progress multiple times per day so they could organize start up support.

“You have to have good relationships to be successful. This is a great example of banding together to get a job done without missing a beat,” states Sheridan Project Manager Kevin De Faria. “With the help our suppliers, parts were express shipped, extra personnel were on-site over a weekend, and a spirit of teamwork ensured success despite the pressure”.

“We want customers to know they can look to Sheridan Electric, even when things get difficult; that we will overcome those roadblocks and get the job done.” 

Thanks to the teams efforts and dedication we handed over the project in time for the go-live date. Our automation team even assisted with the commissioning and stand by support afterwards. Thanks to everyone involved including our trusted suppliers for helping ensure a successful project delivery.