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Sonoco Vision Press

Vision Printing Press with printing doors open Vision Printing Press overview Rewind area: new operator safety reset and area scanner protection Unwind area: new area scanner protection Up close: new area scanner safety protection New Schmersal safety rated electronic magnetic interlocks with feedback New LEL Gas Sniffer Detector Up Close: New Safety Door Switches New Safety PLC Honeywell Gas Detection System Safety System Commissioning

PCMC Vision Press Safety Upgrade

Sheridan Electric was tasked with integrating a new safety system on the PCMC Vision Printing Press at Sonoco Flexible Packaging to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations. Working closely with the safety engineers to meet Pre-Start Health and Safety Requirements (PHSR), Sheridan Electric was able to design an electrical safety circuit that provides certifiably safe operation of the equipment without adversely affecting the intended functionality of the machine. Key elements of the project included the installation of all safety sensors, integration of the new controls into the existing press control system, electrical schematics of the integration, and commissioning of the entire system. As part of our turn-key services Sheridan Electric was also responsible for the electrical disconnection of the press in Winnipeg and the reconnection in Ontario prior to 2012. This included all power distribution needed for the press at its new location, new lighting for quality control and more.

Key elements of the electrical design include:

  • Schmersal safety rated electronic magnetic interlocks with feedback
  • Honeywell Gas Detection System
  • 6 (six) LEL Gas Sniffer Detectors integrated into the Honeywell gas detection system
  • Area scanners for safety in both the un-wind and re-wind areas
  • Push button system for operator resets of safety system throughout the machine
  • HMI for safety system monitoring and feedback from safety PLC
  • SICK safety PLC including all programming and commissioning
  • Dual redundant safety contactors for all servo motors with auxiliary feedback to the safety system
  • SICK safety rated door switches
  • Complete and professionally drawn electrical integration schematics

“Sheridan Electric’s staff brought a level of safety knowledge and integration experience necessary for a project like this to succeed. We were very pleased with how everything turned out.”
Sonoco Management