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Weston Bakeries

Weston Bakeries

Job Description:

Sheridan Electric was contracted by Weston Bakeries in 2013-2014 to provide electrical contracting and control wiring for a new 250,000 sq. ft. automated industrial bakery in the GTA. The project presented a number of different challenges to ensure completion that was on time, on budget, and with complete customer satisfaction. Notable project details include:

  • Building Retrofit: The building itself was a converted structure with concrete ceilings, and traditional installation methods of power distribution proved to be more costly than normal. As an alternative, the concrete floor was removed to allow for trenching and underground conduits to be installed, saving both time and money.
  • Timeline: The project was delayed several months as engineering approvals were being processed but the end date was kept static. Our foreman and scheduling team were able to effectively schedule our labour force as required to meet or exceed deadlines, including running two shifts and working weekends as necessary.
  • OEMs: Numerous different equipment manufacturers were involved in the project, each with its own needs in terms of power and control wiring. Through continuous planning with Weston engineers and OEM representatives, we were able to meet the set milestones and assist with commissioning and testing of the OEMs’ equipment as requested.
  • Main Power Distribution: Sheridan was involved from the very start of the project installing all the underground conduits that would form the critical power distribution of the plant, with motor control centres installed in key sections of the plant, some more than 800ft away from the source. The selection of the MCC cabinets and design of the main power distribution was Sheridan’s responsibility.
  • Mechanical Work: Careful planning and coordination with the mechanical and other sub trades was required to keep on schedule. Due to the large number of staff on site, potential back log issues were effectively identified to eliminate wasted labour hours.
  • Stakeouts: With more than 200 stub up locations for equipment wiring, pipe placement needed to be precise. Through the use of locate services combined with detailed engineered drawings, underground conduits were precisely placed to match future machine locations.
  • Batching System: The large and complicated batching system consisted of dry rooms, wet rooms and outdoor silos, all of which were interconnected in large control cabinets. The systems of cable tray and conduit had to be carefully planned out to effectively manage the large number of power and control wires.
  • PLC and Shift Coverage Support: Upon substantial completion of the plant, Sheridan provided regular and after hours coverage to support the production and maintenance departments as the plant moved towards full operation.

Weston Foods concentrates on brand development, low operating costs and maintaining a broad customer base, with the objective of providing the best bakery solutions to its customers.

“Sheridan Electric’s staff brought a level of safety knowledge and integration experience necessary for a project like this to succeed. We were very pleased with how everything turned out.”
Sonoco Management 

Case Study

Sheridan Electric was recently approached by a key player in the metal manufacturing industry about upgrading an old servo system on a metal shearing machine to present day technology. The goal was to increase productivity through an increase in shear cutting speed, while simultaneously improving the quality and accuracy of every cut. The machine consisted of a feed servo motor, master shear turning servo motor, and a slave shear turning motor, all using old servo technology.

Project Details:

Process Design Specifics: